Canton Land Conservation Trust
Geodecke-Humphrey property and trails

The map shows the two trails on this property. The main trail is an orange-blazed trail (shown in yellow) which starts at West Road, then makes a loop and hugs Cherry Brook before returning. There is also a short blue-blazed trail which runs roughly parallel to the orange trail for a short section. Note also a very short trail stub heading west down to Cherry Brook with a nice sandy area and and view of the brook.
The embedded graphic in the upper left-hand corner can be used to see the altitude at any spot along the trail.
The trailhead is located at 23 West Rd. There is a small parking pull-off on the southeast side of the road across the street from the trail entrance.
This trail is suitable for all seasons but is particularly beautiful in the middle of winter, and in the early spring when the brook is flowing strongly. Please make sure to stay on the trails, as some of these trails are very close to private property. Those interested can see a map of the borders here:Goedecke-Humphrey borders
If you are viewing this on a mobile device, you can access the AllTrails map here:Goedecke-Humphrey_Orange_and_Blue_Trails_Loop
If you are viewing this on a desktop or laptop you can access the AllTrails map on your phone by scanning the following QR code (hold the phone up as if taking a picture, wait a few seconds and a link will appear). That will open up the AllTrails app to this trail. In the app, there is an option for directions (click on three dots to the right of the trail name) which will provide driving directions to the trailhead. While on the trail a blue dot will identify where you are on the trail.