New Trail at Pratt Place

September 17, 2022


News for Hikers!

What a great new trail on the Pratt Property at 96 Cherry Brook Rd in Canton! Only 1.5 miles.

A lot of variety in a small woodland area! Cherry Brook, a new bridge, a rocky climb with some great little cliffs and then you actually pass between huge boulders as part of the trail.

Our trail crew did an amazing job. The new bridge was a major undertaking. It needed to be built high above Cherry Brook to accommodate winter ice and springtime floods.

There's still a little bit of fine tuning going on. As of September 2022, the trail begins at the new bridge. The portion beyond the new bridge is all blazed and ready to go. When we complete the parking lot next to Cherry Brook Road, the trail will begin at the parking area.

Please stop by and check it out!

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