Canton Land Conservation Trust
The Smith Tree Farm

In 1975 Wilson Smith gave to the CLCT its first major land holding, a preserve of over 64 acres in the northwestern corner of Canton and southern Barkhampsted where the towns of Canton, New Hartford and Barkhampsted meet. The area of the preserve was later augmented with grants and boundary agreements from neighbors (see Paust, Kresge, Rochford parcels on the Lands page).

Planting a seedling

Dr. Smith had devoted a portion of the farm to raising Christmas trees, and the CLCT has assumed management of and continued that operation. Approximately five acres remain under cultivation as a Christmas tree plantation. A tree sale is held each year, usually two to three weeks before Christmas. Replanting takes place by CLCT volunteers in the spring and field maintenance is performed throughout the summer. The sale of trees, a volunteer fund-raising effort, provides income that helps offset maintenance costs. Stewardship of this preserve is currently led by Ted Cowles and John Pech.

mowing field

Hannah Smith gave the farmhouse, and the two acres upon which it sits, to the CLCT in 1989. The Smith Tree Farm has over 4,000 feet of frontage on both sides of Doyle Road. The Charlotte Craig Trail starts in the north tree field behind the farmhouse and barn and leads to a promentory on the north ridge that presents spectacular views to the south and southwest. The northern terminus of the Ted Wright Trail is found about a quarter of a mile beyond the tree farm on the other side of Doyle Road.


Take Wright Road from Route 179 (Cherry Brook Road). Turn left from Wright Road onto Doyle Road and continue for one-half mile. The last portion is unpaved. The barn and farmhouse are found on the right side of the road and appear as pictured here.

Entrance to tree farm

There is ample parking near and to the right of the barn. The farmhouse is leased by the CLCT as a private residence, so please respect the tenant's privacy. Walk uphill past the right side of the barn to find the Charlotte Craig Trail, or walk further down Doyle Road to the creek to find the Ted Wright Trail.