Canton Land Conservation Trust

CLCT is a not-for-profit corporation formed under Connecticut law and is qualified as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal tax code.

CASH. Land grants made CLCT an institution, but cash contributions, both large and small, keep it going. Please give according to your means and share the pride of helping CLCT fulfill its purpose. You may either mail us a check (see the Donation Form) or use your credit/debit card (minimum $20) online.

LAND.There are several ways for giving an interest in real estate to CLCT with the donor enjoying significant tax advantages. If you would like to explore these possibilities, we welcome you to contact us to arrange a discussion. We do not advise or represent donors in their making tax-relevant decisions, and we urge persons contemplating the making of a gift to us of an interest in real estate to consult with their own tax adviser.

Land Donation. Most properties have been conveyed in feeto CLCT by outright gift, some during the donor's lifetime (intervivos), others through the donor's will (testamentary). By making an outright gift of land, the owner conveys title to the land, but may specify certain restrictions upon its future use. An alternate method of preserving land for future generations involves a delayed gift, which reserves a lifetime use of the property to the owner or heirs. There are a variety of tax advantages to delayed gifts, and CLCT representatives are available to discuss structuring a delayed gift to fit the needs of the donor... more ..

Conservation Easement. The gift of conservation easementis used by landowners who wish to retain ownership and use of their property in the current fashion, but who also want to ensure that the property or portions will remain forever undeveloped. It is a custom-tailored legal agreement that sets forth restrictions on the future use and development of property. It specifies both permitted and prohibited uses of property. In most instances a conservation easement will yield income tax benefits to landowners and may also reduce personal property taxes... more ..

Bargain Sale of Land. Selling land to CLCT at less than fair market valuecan make an affordable acquisition for CLCT and provide tax benefits for the landowner... more ..