Meet Our Officers and Directors


CLCT’s leadership team

It takes a lot of dedicated people to keep a land trust going. CLCT is a volunteer-run organization, led by officers and directors who generously donate their time and talent.

Our leaders come from lots of backgrounds and areas of expertise. They share one thing in common: a commitment to Canton’s scenic, historic and natural lands.

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President: Phil Philbrick
Vice President: Jay Weintraub
Secretary: Sarah Faulkner
Treasurer: Christian Winkler


Term expiring 2024:
Theresa Sullivan Barger
John Bowen
Karen Berger
Sarah Faulkner
Holly Hambleton
Elenor Smith
Jay Weintraub
Karen Manterach

Term expiring 2025:
Anne Duncan
Bob Evenski
Peter Keyo
Jennifer Mason
Harold Mullins
Bill Porri
Betty Stanley
Christian Winkler

Term expiring 2026:
Nate Cantwell
Alex Clarke
Mike Gotaski
Zbigniew Grabowski
Jay Kaplan
Mary Ann Mahony
John Pech
Phil Philbrick

Committee chairs

Executive: Phil Philbrick
Stewardship: Mike Gotaski and John Pech
Community Relations/Publicity: Anne Duncan
Finance: Christian Winkler
Membership: Michele Evans
Development: Barry Deutsch
Nominating: Karen Berger
IT: Bill Porri

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