Canton Land Conservation Trust

Stewardship of our properties is at the heart of CLCT's activities. In many cases it means leaving things alone, but in as many other cases it means putting tool in hand and entering the land to make good things in nature last so that future generations of our citizens may enjoy them.

Stewardship of land embraces a host of activities: locating and marking boundaries, making and posting signs, building and maintaining trails, building bridges over creeks, clearing meadows of saplings or invasive plants that impair animal habitats, repairing or improving our select few rustic buildings, inspecting for encroachments and misuses by people who would usurp our lands for their own private benefit, to name a few.

For our larger preserves we retain professionals to design formal, long-term management plans to enhance or protect particular conservation values. In some cases we retain professionals to execute portions of those plans, such as the selective harvesting of trees to allow appropriately phased regeneration of the forest, or the elimination or at least reduction of invasive plants.

But the majority of our stewardship activities falls to volunteers from the community who are willing to join us in caretaking by applying a modest portion of their time, talents, and energies. We strive to have an individual assigned to each parcel as a steward, someone to assess periodically the condition of the parcel, to identify actions needed, and with the support of the officers and directors, as well as others in the neighborhood, lead (or at least call for) the effort to accomplish those actions.

With over 60 separately identifiable parcels in our portfolio, we have many significant areas for which a steward is not currently assigned. We may have one that appeals to you. We welcome you help in caring for meadows and woodlands, if not by serving as a parcel steward, perhaps by coming along with us on one of our trail-clearing parties.