Canton Land Conservation Trust

Many of our properties need maintenance. Meadow habitats for certain wildlife disappear unless young trees advancing from the forest edge are cut back. Invasive plants replace native flora. Trails need to be designed and created and, from time to time, groomed and reblazed on those properties appropriate for passive recreation by the public.

For nearly all of this maintenance, we rely on volunteers. Periodically we organize gatherings where CLCT members and others get together for a few hours to clean up and rejuvenate fields and trails. Folks on these trail crews often bring their children and dogs to play in the outdoors while field and trail "work" progresses. We regard chatting with other "workers", even when leaning on a shovel to take a break, to be a valued part of the event. No experience is required; instruction is available. Tools are usually simple (shovels, rakes, loppers, saws, pick axes) and you are encouraged to bring your own. Don't forget gloves, sunblock and pest repellent. If you're competent with a chain saw, bring one along.

To learn when these trail crews take place, keep an eye on our home page. Or better yet, sign up to be on our e-mail list as we now send out e-mails to let people know when and where things are happening. You can sign up by following the link on our home page.

Yes, it's a party.