Sun, Wind and Woodland Trails


Explore the trails

Located on the shoulder of Ratlum Mountain, the Sun, Wind and Woodland Preserve offers a network of 10 trails of varying difficulties. Try just one for a short outing, complete the big yellow loop for several hours of hiking, or connect them all to make a half-day of it. You’ll get fields, streams, giant pines, and some beautiful views.

Trails east of Breezy Hill Road

  • Arthur & Eunice Sweeton Trail (Sweeton Trail): 30 minutes. Moderate. Yellow blazes.
  • Miller and Fred Feibel Trail: 20 minutes. Easy. Red blazes.
  • Taylor Road Extension: 15 minutes. Easy. Orange (with white dot) blazes.
  • Barbour Woods Trail: 30 minutes. Moderate. Yellow blazes.
  • Barbour Woods Trail Spur: 30 minutes. Moderate. Green blazes.
  • Taylor Hill Road Bypass: 15 minutes. Moderate. Blue (with yellow dot) blazes.

Trails west of Breezy Hill Road

  • Sun, Wind and Woodland Trail*: 20 minutes. Easy. Yellow blazes
  • Taylor-Moses Trail: 10 minutes. Easy. Yellow blazes.
  • Breezy Hill Farm Trails: 1 hour. Moderate. Yellow blazes.
  • Tom Perry Trail: 30 minutes. Moderate. Red blazes.

* From the Sun, Wind and Woodland Trail, you can access an eleventh trail: the Ted Wright Trail, located on the Smith Tree Farm property. Hike the Sun, Wind and Woodland trail to Breezy Hill Road, then follow the road to the yellow-blazed trailhead. 

Directions & parking

Main parking area:
From Route 44, turn onto Indian Hill Road and follow to its end. Turn right onto Breezy Hill Road, and follow it about a half-mile, just past Breezy Hill Farm. Park in the unpaved parking lot on the left – look for the land trust sign. In Google maps, search for Sun, Wind and Woodland parking.

Sweeton and Breezy Hill trailheads:
These two trailheads are found about 1/10 of a mile after turning onto Breezy Hill Road from Hill Road. Park on the road shoulder on the left side. The sign for the Breezy Hill Farm trails is immediately to the left of this parking location, while the trailhead for the Sweeton trail is a few yards further up the road on the right. In Google maps, search for Sweeton Trailhead.

Barbour Woods Spur trailhead:
The trails can be accessed from Barbourtown Road. There is no formal parking area, but you can park on the road near the intersection of Barbourtown Road and Breezy Hill Road. In Google maps, search for Barbour Woods spur trailhead.

History of the property

The Canton Land Conservation Trust (CLCT) purchased the first parcel of the Sun, Wind and Woodland Preserve in a bargain sale in 2000, and purchased the Humphrey parcel in 2015.

The Barbour Woods property was generously donated by the Stanley family in 2007, and several other properties within this preserve were generously donated by the Perry family.

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